I live and write on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations
I was raised on the lands of the Kaurna people
I pay my respect to their elders and storytellers
I acknowledge their long traditions of storytelling
Their stories came before me and will continue after me
This land was never ceded
No treaty has been reached


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Fleur Kilpatrick is an award-winning playwright, a director and arts commentator. She holds a postgraduate diploma of directing and a Masters in playwriting from the VCAM. She is a lecturer at Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance and the co-founder of Lonely Company, working to support emerging playwrights create sustainable careers.

Fleur’s plays have won the 2018 Max Afford Playwrights Award (Whale), 2016 Jill Blewett Award (Blessed, Poppy Seed Festival) and 2015 Melbourne Fringe’s Emerging Playwright Award (The City They Burned, Melbourne Fringe, Brisbane Festival). In 2018 her new play Terrestrial will tour South Australia with the State Theatre Company of South Australia and her play Yours the Face will receive a new production in Sydney. Writing credits include Insomnia Cat Came to Stay (Quiet Little Fox, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth Fringe, Brisbane Festival, TINA), Yours the Face (Quiet Little Fox, Adelaide Fringe, Perth Fringe,Flight Festival) and Welcome to Nowhere co-written with Daniel Keene, Angus Cerini, Zoey Dawson and Morgan Rose (Monash University).

In 2016 she directed Julius Caesar for Essential Theatre (Melbourne, Adelaide and Edinburgh) and Slaughterhouse Five for MUST (which she also adapted). She appears fortnightly on 3RRRs Smart Arts with Richard Watts and was the co-host of the podcast Contact Mic with Sarah Walker until 2018.

She can be contacted via email at fleurskilpatrick@gmail.com.


Performed works:

Whale (2019 Fleur Kilpatrick and Katrina Cornwell)

Terrestrial (2018 State Theatre Company of South Australia)

Blessed (2016 Poppyseed Theatre Festival)

Slaughterhouse Five (2015 and 2019 MUST Season)

Welcome to Nowhere (2015 CTP at Malthouse Theatre)

Yours the Face (2018 LZA/Blood Moon Theatre / 2015 Theatre Works Flight Festival / 2015 Perth Fringe Festival / 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival)

Insomnia Cat Came To Stay (2013 Brisbane Festival / 2013 Malthouse Theatre / 2013 Perth Fringeworld Festival / 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival, / 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival / 2011 Crack Theatre Festival)

Awake (2012 Adelaide Fringe Festival / 2012 La Mama Summer Season) 

Skinhouse (2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival / 2011 La Mama Summer Season)

Our Bodies And What Happens When They Get Together (2010 VCA)

iexist.com (as 'I Must Not Theatre', 2010 Adelaide Fringe Festival)


Header photo by Kate Pardey. Headshot by Sarah Walker.