I don’t know
I wasn’t there
My life was changed by their dare
Small one leans in smiles long
Pale eyes fixed
On god of song
‘I’ve never broken a bone
Never broken skin’
Fingers stroke
A hairless chin
‘But I’ve broken hearts without breaking a sweat
Broke sane minds mad without breaking my step’

Eyes now the god above
‘You want to do this?’
Said God of Love

Coming 2019.

commissioned and produced by Co-Opera.
composer Joshua van Konkelenberg
director Brock Roberts
singer Bethany Hill

This one is for the feet
Those that have run and those that have walked
Away from terrible moments
And into good ones
Well done feet
Keep walking
You little heroes




A is for Antelope forced into an arranged marriage by some guy called Noah
B is for Buffalo still and stuffed in a museum, glass eyes staring
C is for Cat pulled ‘angry but unharmed’ from shipwreck after shipwrECK

Bestiary is an anthology of anthropomorphised animal stories. The work speaks to the relationship between humanity and the natural world, using the vehicle of talking, humanised animals to address big social issues. This play follows in the tradition of twin genres – dark animal parables told as warnings against human folly and the cuddlier world of modern children’s stories.